played by: Jurph


Growing up as a Tiefling, Smoky was turned away from 'white-collar' work despite his literacy and clever wits.  The shit jobs that society reserves for Tieflings are usually things like working the bellows in a forge; he was well suited, but knew he'd be frustrated and bored. Add in the societal stereotype that Tieflings somehow "know" fire, and he found himself signed up as a test dummy / janitor at a magical academy to earn pocket money, trying to pick up whatever he could around the edges while thickening his skin against the predictable wisecracks of the academics around him.  

He got lucky in a few cases, parlayed his peers' ignorance into a reputation for uncanny talent, and was at the right place in the right time: he saved a promising novice from a runaway alchemical reaction and became a cause celebre for a few weeks.  The novice's wealthy uncle asked if he'd given any thought to attending, and offered to pay my tuition.  Smoky took him
up on the offer, but declined to take a position with the family's
business (MacGuffin distribution, or possibly manufacture) and instead went to work for Regolith.  At Regolith, Smoky was quickly employed in cases where arson or magic was the suspected cause, and has so far proven himself invaluable.  He was recently promoted to the Sharn office from the more pedestrian (OTHER CITY HERE) office after correctly identifying Hellfire — an Act of Deities — as the cause of a significant property loss, thus absolving Regolith of any liability.  He may have worked on earlier cases with some of the other team members, but not necessarily.

Smoky knows fire like a close friend, and he's torn between pride and shame at the fact that he has lived up to and exceeded society's expectations of his race.  Depending on whom he's working with, he might react well or badly to a poorly-phrased compliment about his peculiar knack.


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