Treasures of the Library

The Game is Afoot

At paragon tier, the game is a leg.

Session 1

 The party are all in the employ of Regolith Risk Management, LLC, a large insurance company headquartered in Sharn. They are all summoned to the office of case manager Loire, and after  introducing themselves briefly in the antechamber, they get their assignment: this party has been pulled from several divisions, including muscle, magical ability, and assorted specialties, and assembled to form a task force to investigate a series of claims filed by the Library of Korranberg over the past two years. RRM’s Alchemical Actuaries have determined that all the missing artifacts were captured from Karrnath during the war. As the Library has only recently reached an agreement with the Karrnathi cult of the Blood of Vol to exchange research materials, RRM suspects a political motive to the disappearances.

Although none of the items missing so far were very large claims, RRM assigns the party to assess the security of the Library, determine if any high-ticket Karrnathi artifacts insured by RRM are at risk, and make recommendations for further action.

 The party immediately inquired about travel arrangements (and advances for such), and after consulting some maps and travel tables, along with advice from one rather air-headed wind spirit, they decide to charter a galleon to take them to Korranberg. smoky.bmp
Smoky checked a Gem of Auditory Recollection out from the company stores to use in documenting the investigation.

Brand and Mr. Burke, upon hearing that none of the missing items had popped up on the black market, paid a visit to a fence of their acquaintance, Mr. Cheese.  The Honest Businessman also had not heard tell of the items, but promised to keep an ear to the ground, if they would recommend his services to any such in Korranberg as need to move ”merchandise” in Sharn.

Methos attempted to confer with his “maker,” but found the office door locked; the warforged on duty said he was out on special assignment.

Upon arriving in Korranberg, they party stopped for a brief lunch of gnomish stew, and then proceeded to the library. On the way they found themselves following a group of academic types – and presumed them to be the contingent of scholars sent from Karrnath to work at the Library. As they turned a corner, they discovered the scholars in the middle of getting jumped by a group of theives. The party engaged the attackers while the scholars fled down a side alley. Upon subduing the would-be muggers, the party questioned the sole survivor, Barrant, who said he’d been tipped off that the scholars would have fat purses and would make some easy money for him and his gang. He’d gotten the tip from a hooded man at the tavern he frequents. (recorded by Smoky using the gem)

Brand and Mr. Burke had a few words of quiet conference with Barrant, after which he fled for his life. How he would come up with the 50g to ransom himself from Brand and Burke's bloody-minded "Protection" was anybody’s guess, but it was better than dying right then in the street.

At the Library, the party talked with Eldon, the Assistant Archivist, about the Library’s security precautions. They were brought through a bewildering portal maze which serves as both an infinitely extensible network, such that the library occupies a great deal more levels than it appears (It’s bigger on the inside!), as well as a security system, as one cannot navigate the maze without the portal passwords, as well as an excellent understanding of spatial reasoning and the use of line coordinates in arcane functions.


Finally, they arrived at Archivist Simon's office, where they questioned him extensively about the circumstances of the discovery of the missing items, requested access to all relevant records, security IDs, and invites to that evening’s gala unveiling of a new exhibit, and Methos noticed a book written by Rholdy, his maker, on the shelves in the Archivist’s office.  During the interview, the Archivist was notified that the installation of the new exhibit for the gala was complete. The Archivist put a warforged processor at the party’s disposal to facilitate shifting through the reams of data, but noted he had additional appointments to attend to.
Legadou was unnerved by the quiet in the Archivist’s office; he was the only one there – no spirits at all.



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